Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed Shipping

Amplify Logistics is Canada’s leading flatbed trucking company. We are a trusted transportation carrier currently serving customers in North America. Our fast turnaround times and flexible shipping solutions set us apart from other shipping companies in the region. We offer exemplary customer service as well as an experienced and qualified team that’s able to handle freights with unique shipping requirements.

What is flatbed trucking?

This is a type of transportation service usually recommended for freight that is oversized or wide load items. It’s an ideal shipping option for heavy machinery, equipment as well as building supplies that cannot be transported in a standard van. With flatbed shipping, you have the versatility and a range of trailer options to choose from.

Why choose flatbed shipping?

Flatbed trailers are designed in such a way that they’re not enclosed. They can be loaded from either side, not just the tail end.  It’s easier and more efficient to load heavy items like machinery in a flatbed truck. It’s also able to take in much bigger loads than a standard truck.

A common misconception regarding flatbed trucking is that because the trailer is open, it’s less secure. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The cargo is properly secured with chains and/or straps to ensure it doesn’t slide around the trailer or fly off in transit. Cargo in a flatbed trailer can also be covered with tarps that prevent it from any damage that could occur if secured with chains.

Why choose Amplify Logistics?

We have a dedicated team of professional carriers as well as well-equipped flatbed trucks that will ensure your cargo is transported securely to its destination. We guarantee our clients security of their freight during transportation. Our team will do all it takes to keep your goods unscathed throughout the journey. We strive to offer flawless flatbed trucking services that eliminate stress or result in business downtime. As a reliable freight transporter, you can relax when you partner with our team.

Our flatbed trucking services are ideal for shipping:

  • Landscaping and horticultural items
  • Building supplies like wooden planks and bricks
  • Heavy items like machine parts and automotive parts
  • Large and heavy farming materials like farm produce, thresher
  • Intricate electronics
  • High-value fine art

At Amplify Logistics, we don’t put unnecessary restrictions when offering our flatbed trucking services. We are proud to offer you a versatile service that’s customized to your needs. If you’ve been turned down by other transportation carriers, come to us and we’ll be more than willing to help.

The best part is, our prices of flatbed shipping are very affordable. We’ve set in place very strict policies and processes to guarantee our customers affordable and reliable solutions. When you pay less, be assured that you’re not compromising on the quality of service. We give you the assurance that your freight will be handled with respect and utmost care. We take a unique approach to our customer’s needs and deliver an unmatched service each time. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.