General Freight Shipping

General Freight Shipping

At Amplify Logistics, we have years of experience in managing logistic processes efficiently. We provide unique general freight trucking solutions to save your business time, energy and costs. Among the services we provide include loading-unloading, repacking, shipping operations, customs brokerage mediation, warehousing and distribution services. We’ve invested in advanced equipment and technology to store and ship special, oversized cargos.

In the unlikely event that your goods get damaged in transit, we’ve partnered with insurance companies to offer very reasonable compensation terms. Our clients’ goods are insured under attractive terms to cater for unforeseen circumstances.

We help our customers with customs procedures, which are often confusing and complex for them. We can help complete the documentation accompanying the goods as well as any legal requirements needed for specialty cargo. We have years of experience in general freight shipping and we know how to speed up the processes and guarantee on-time delivery.

We handle large and small orders

If you’re looking for fast, safe and economical freight, we’re happy to assist. We can come in and provide our expert solutions regardless of the cargo size. When you partner with us, you join our team of satisfied clients who have trusted us to deliver cargo every year via trucks, rail, sea or by air.  We can even combine all these modes of transport until your cargo reaches its final destination.

Our services include:

  • General cargo transportation
  • Partial cargo transportation
  • Dangerous cargo shipping and warehousing
  • Temperature controlled shipping
  • Rail and intermodal transportation
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight

Amplify Logistics cooperates with reliable and well-established partners to ensure a smooth shipping process for our clients in different countries. We provide complete shipping solutions and our wide network of partners allows us to offer competitive prices.

Effective logistics solutions

At Amplify Logistics, be assured that the team in charge of your shipment will help you identify the most appropriate mode of carriage to move your cargo in any part of the world.  We have highly skilled professionals in our company who will ensure optimal costs and the solutions chosen meet the customer’s unique demands. For customers looking to transport their goods overseas, we offer multi-modal solutions to cover long-distances and ensure the freight reaches its destination on time and in pristine condition.

When you reach out to us, you’ll speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team who will keenly listen and understand your needs. We will then assign the task to a manager who keeps the communication lines open throughout. The manager in charge of your shipment will provide a complete service and ensure the quality is maintained. We’ll exchange information constantly to ensure everything runs smoothly. All processes will be carefully controlled to avoid errors.

Our goal is to strictly deliver within the agreed deadlines and in case of unforeseen circumstances, we immediately take the precautionary measures whether it means changing routes or modes of transport. We work closely with the client to ensure the quality of our transportation services. For more information, reach out to our team today.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.