Temperature Controlled Shipping in Canada

If you need a dependable mode of transportation for perishable goods or cargo that requires strict temperature control, Amplify Logistics can provide a reliable solution. We understand that finding a shipping method that meets your specific needs is crucial for both businesses and individuals, and we offer a variety of freight shipping options to ensure timely delivery without any unnecessary delays.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Are you looking for a reliable way to transport perishables or cargo that’s highly sensitive to temperature changes? At Amplify Logistics, we offer reliable transportation for temperature controlled shipping. We know how important it is for businesses and individuals to find a shipping method that’s tailored to their needs. We offer a range of freight shipping options so you never have to keep your client’s waiting or encounter unnecessary delays in your business.

Amplify logistics can handle shipments that are sensitive to temperature. We offer temperature control shipping services using single and dual-temp shipping trailers. We know that temperatures can fluctuate during transportation and your shipment can be exposed to all kinds of extremes. That’s why we’re here to provide reliable temperature control freight shipping services. We will ensure your goods remain safe regardless of the temperature variations on the journey.

Are you looking to transport temperature-sensitive cargo? We can provide effective solutions that save you time and money. We have a network of over 500 refrigerated trailers. These trailers are well built to offer both security and reliability when delivering temperature-sensitive goods. When you leave your sensitive cargo to the team at Amplify Logistics, be assured that we’ll find powerful solutions that meet your needs and budget.

What to expect in temperature controlled shipping

At Amplify Logistics, we strive to help our clients find a temperature control courier who fits their needs. We offer temperature controlled transportation for cargo that needs special handling and storage, such as flowers, fresh produce or pharmaceuticals. These items are sensitive to temperature changes and there’s a high risk of damage should things go wrong. We prioritize sensitive shipments and work with the right carriers to ensure that the cargo maintains stable temperatures from one dock to another.

Efficiently shipping temperature sensitive items

To determine the most efficient way to ship your temperature-sensitive cargo, we’ll need all the information necessary regarding the type of items being delivered and if there are some that are more perishable than others. Sometimes items that are temperature sensitive also have unique security requirements. We’ll need all this information beforehand in order to identify a cross border courier who is able to provide a tailored solution. The more sensitive an item is, the higher the cost of shipping it. This is why we recommend the standard shipping options for less sensitive items. Combining sensitive items and standard cargo in one shipment may cost you a lot more. Amplify Logistics can help you to determine what shipping methods are best for your unique needs.

How do I know if I need temperature controlled shipping?

For perishable items, temperature controlled transportation is a must to avoid deterioration over time. If you are transporting items that are likely to get damaged when exposed to certain environmental conditions like high temperatures or humidity then you can’t use the standard shipping option. Some of the most common types of cargo we’ve transported as temperature sensitive include:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Seafood
• Fruits and vegetables

• Meat and dairy products
• Plants

How is temperature-sensitive freight packaged?

There are different packaging methods for items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. For road shipments, the items are loaded in a temperature controlled truck that comes fully equipped with all the facilities needed to maintain the required temperature. These trucks are designed with layers of insulation in the walls to maintain steady temperatures. Additionally, the items can be protected against heat transfer on transit by covering them with materials like polyurethane foam or radiant barrier films. In other cases, a gel coolant or dry ice is added to the item prior to packaging in order to keep it cool during transportation. At Amplify Logistics, we’re happy to provide you with all the information you need regarding the transportation of temperature controlled freight in Toronto. Get in touch with us today!

Advanced refrigerated and heated trailers

Dedicated temperature-controlled fleets


Multi-Temp Reefer
Overall Length 10.97 m 36″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″
Overall Length 14.63 m 48″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″
53' Single-temp Reefer
Overall Length 16.15 m 48″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″
Overall Length 16.15 m 53″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″
Overall Length 16.15 m 53″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″
Overall Length 16.15 m 53″
Overall Width 2,591 mm 102″
Coupler Height 4,115 mm 13.6″

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At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.

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