Warehousing Logistics


A 3PL firm typically covers a variety of areas including warehousing, transportation services and integrated operations all of which can be built around a customer need. At Amplify Logistics we offer a full service to our clients, but we can also tailor each service to your specific needs. We serve North America, assisting businesses to minimize the overhead costs by providing reliable third-party logistics. We can manage transportation and the technology that will help businesses to cut down on costs. We have helped a wide range of international and local customers with varying supply chain needs. We understand that today’s intricate international business environment is rapidly expanding and progressing. These advancements necessitate many industries now demanding real-time supply chain information. We utilize our extensive experience in freight shipping & logistics to offer competitive pricing.

Our cross docking services

Warehouse Logistics

Amplify Logistics is a leading freight broker in Toronto. We offer a range of supply chain solutions which include warehouse and distribution services. When you come to us, we promise to deliver comprehensive solutions that suit your needs and budget. Our warehousing solutions allow for great flexibility in terms of cost, scheduling, and type of cargo. You can explore long-term or short-term warehousing logistics solutions depending on your needs. All warehousing options offered by Amplify Logistics guarantee the security and safety of your cargo.

Security is guaranteed

We strive to offer our clients the highest level of security when it comes to warehousing. We’ve partnered with facilities all over North America to offer warehouse storage in hundreds of cities. This enables us to serve our clients better and with great convenience. Our primary warehouse facilities are well-equipped with 24/7 camera surveillance as well as the required protection systems such as fire alarm, smoke, and sprinkler system. All warehousing facilities are highly secured to prevent unauthorized access.

Our cross docking services

This service comes in handy whenever cargo needs to be transferred from one truck to another truck with no storage needed in between. It’s an ideal way to cut down on costs and ensure your cargo gets to you in good time. We use this service for customers who want to make their shipments easier to handle and faster. When combined with our warehousing solutions, cross-docking becomes even more valuable. We have the capacity to move your items from one truck to another regardless of the type of cargo on transit. We also have our warehouse facility which you can use temporarily whenever there is a gap and no truck is available.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.