Road Freight Shipping

Why choose our road freight shipping services?

Amplify Logistics is a reputable transportation company in Toronto with a proven track record in over the road trucking. We have an extensive network of carriers which enables
us to provide the flexibility and capacity that our clients desire. We understand the challenges of ground transportation and we’re happy to bring in our logistics expertise to offer reasonable road freight rates. Whether you’re looking for standard, oversize or heavy haul cargo transportation, we’re happy to customize a solution that best suits your needs.
When you choose to ship your cargo via our road freight, we promise:
• An affordable service
• Flexible options that meet your delivery needs
• Quick and on-time delivery
• A reliable solution to transport perishables such as fruits and vegetables
• Proper tracking of the truck at all times

What to expect when you choose road freight

Road freight is possibly the most common method of transporting goods across the country. Online companies use this to deliver items to their clients from distribution centres that span different regions. To deliver cargo to your customers using road freight without any inconveniences, you must partner with a reliable freight shipping and transport company in Toronto.

We offer a range of road freight services in our system depending on your needs and budget. The road freight costs will vary based on the type of cargo being shipped, its weight and dimensions. The best part is, when you choose a carrier, you can book your shipment in seconds. We even offer real-time information to help you keep track of your cargo 24/7. Our team has super-friendly transportation gurus who are waiting to hear from you. We’ll give you reasonable shipping rates and a great service that meets all your road freight needs.

Emergency supplies and critical equipment

If you have emergency supplies that need to be delivered across the country in a short time, we’re happy to offer a tailored service for you. We offer route planning and coordination of the truckloads to guarantee clients value for money. Our carriers have invested in GPS tracking systems to offer real-time location updates so you’re always on the loop in case of unexpected issues along the way. We can even offer door to door delivery for shipping throughout North America. At Amplify Logistics, our road freight services are available to a range of industries including manufacturing, construction, and mining. We work very closely with our extensive network to ensure all cargo reaches its destination safely and within the required time. You can rely on us to pick your cargo on time and offer exceptional customer service throughout the transportation process. We comply with all the standards of safety so be assured that your cargo is in good hands. If you’re looking for road freight services, we’ll find a solution that meets your supply-chain needs. Want to speak to one of our transportation experts about your road freight needs, call us now.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.