At Amplify Logistics, we’ve invested in sophisticated technology that enables us to serve our clients better. IT has become an integral part of our shipping and transportation services. Technological advancements have enabled us to provide on time and reliable services to our partners. From the ability to keep track and monitor shipments to transferring critical freight data, Amplify Logistics has the real-time technology needed to minimize downtime.

Amplify Logistics Group has developed a web-based freight and information management system, designed to manage and distribute up-to-the-minute supply chain information to our clients. Our platform brings all partners within the supply chain bringing everyone together. This transparent flow of communication minimizes time wastage and creates reliable efficiencies to forward plan logistic decisions.

Our systems enable us to analyze shipment data and optimize performance. We have software that our clients can use to monitor carrier activity giving them greater visibility and control of their freight cost. Our customers find value in the powerful systems we’ve invested in to control their internal processes and gain important business insights.

Solutions customized to your needs

When it comes to shipping, every client has unique transportation requirements. That’s why we provide a platform where our clients can get customized solutions that result in cost savings. We use factors such as price, services offered as well as the available capacity to determine the freight transportation that’s ideal for the customer. For customers looking for cost-effective shipping solutions, we are able to analyze historical data before recommending a carrier network that’s going to offer affordability without compromising on the quality of service.

Our advanced systems also enable clients to communicate their transportation needs to us electronically for a fast turnaround time and to enhance efficiency. We have account executives that are always on standby and use real-time technology to manage every aspect of the shipping process.

Effective tracking and reporting

At Amplify Logistics, we offer our clients all the transparency they need in shipment tracking and reporting. Our clients can get real-time updates on their freight and know how soon their goods will arrive at their final destination. The system we’ve put in place also allows our clients to get customized data and reports that cover the entire lifecycle of the freight. This provides us with the ability to assess shipment options and identify cost-saving opportunities on behalf of our clients.

Investing in the future

Our investment in advanced systems is a commitment to excellence. We have a research division that is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to offer our clients diverse transportation solutions that meet their unique needs. From exploring new carriers to identifying better tracking alternatives, we strive to give our clients the best when it comes to shipping.

We have advanced load assignment algorithms and automated workflows that help streamline operations at Amplify Logistics. With this technology, our team is able to provide our business partners with the most efficient methods of transporting their freight whether locally or internationally.

We take time to identify business needs, develop and improve tools like reporting and analytics to give our partners real-time and accurate information. With our advanced systems, we are able to be a proactive company that delivers what they promised to all clients. Amplify Logistics is heavily invested in technology because it’s the cornerstone to our commitment to deliver excellence.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.