LTL Freight Shipping

All You Need to Know About LTL Freight Shipping

LTL (less than truckload) freight shipping refers to a transportation method that is used for cargo that weighs between 150 and 30,000 lbs. This kind of cargo is considered small freight that doesn’t need an entire trailer to transport. It’s a method that helps shippers to save on costs because they only pay for the portion of the trailer that their cargo occupies. Other shippers can use the same trailer to fill in the unoccupied space and they all pay a customs fee based on the size/weight of their freight.

• One main advantage of LTL freight shipping is that it helps to reduce the costs of transportation. Since you only pay for a section of what you’ve used, you don’t have to cater for the entire cost of the trailer.
• LTL shipping is also very secure. The shipments are packaged into pallets then loaded onto a truck. This avoids losses that normally occur when there are multiple smaller handling units inside the trailer.
• With LTL shipping, you can get additional services such as pickup and delivery as part of the shipping cost. You can simply choose a package and enjoy services like lift gates.
• Additionally, LTL carriers give you additional tracking capabilities. You get a bill of lading number, PO number and other reference data such as the pickup date range in order to plan well for your shipment.

How much will you pay for LTL shipping?

There are several factors that determine the shipping rates for less than truckload:
• Location: Your cost of shipping will be determined by the distance covered. Shipping long distances will generally cost you more.
• Dimensions and weight of cargo: The shipping carrier will look at the dimensions and weight of your cargo to determine which freight class the items belong to.
This will directly impact on the LTL shipping rates.
• Mode: If you’d like your LTL shipment to be expedited, expect to pay higher fees for this exclusive service.
• Type: Some cargo requires special handling or equipment during transportation.
For instance, if you’re shipping perishables, hazardous materials or
pharmaceuticals, the rates may not be similar to standard cargo.

Is LTL shipping the best method of transportation for you?

To determine if LTL shipping is for you, consider the size of the freight you want to be transported. Anything that’s under 30,000 lbs can benefit from LTL transportation since it doesn’t need a full trailer. Additionally, if you’re keen on maximizing on shipping savings then partnering with an LTL freight company is an ideal option.

How are LTL shipments prepared?

To begin with, the cargo’s dimensions must be measured prior to shipping as this will help determine the rates as well as the ideal trailer to transport it. Dimensions are measured in terms of the length, width, and height of the items being shipped. Carriers must be given accurate dimensions because this helps them to maximize capacity. When inaccurate dimensions are given, you risk paying additional adjustment fees before the shipment is transported. Additionally, the necessary documentation must be completed and accurate information given to the carriers when they arrive. A document known as the bill of lading works as a receipt for the goods when they are being transported. Finally, goods to be shipped are loaded into pallets which helps in condensing them in order to maximize on space and also protect the shipment from damage. Items that are heavy are usually placed at the bottom of the pallets or crates. All items are labeled on the side.

Different types of LTL shipping services

There are a number of LTL freight services that you may need in addition to the standard shipping service. They include:
• Expedited service: If you need the items to arrive at the standard destination faster than standard transit times, you may request the carrier to provide an expedited shipping quote.
• Liftgate services: If your cargo weighs more than 100 pounds, the shipment may need specialized equipment to be moved off the truck especially if the destination doesn’t have a dock for moving it.
• Deliveries to restricted areas: There are cases where the cargo is to be delivered to locations that have limited access. For instance, cargo that’s being delivered in a construction site or rural location will attract an additional cost of shipping.
• Pickup and delivery services: Sometimes the cargo needs to be delivered in a building and then offloaded. In this case, you need to pay for pickup and delivery services.

Are there any freight size limitations?

Before your shipment is transported, the dimensions will be measured to determine if it qualifies for LTL freight transportation in Canada. Cargo that’s wider than 8’ 6” or more than 13’6” in height may be regarded as oversized. In such a case, the carrier will require special equipment to transport this size of freight. Since standard LTL shipments are based on pallets, unusual dimensions may not fit. It’s important to have accurate measurements of your freight loads and know the correct pallet size for your shipments. Research more on standard pallet sizes for LTL freight Canada to better understand your needs.

How will Amplify Logistics help to provide LTL services?

At Amplify Logistics, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to secure competitive rates as well as streamline the shipping process from the start to finish. We’ll help you save time and money by using multiple carriers who offer the best rates. We’ll keep your cargo weight and dimensions in mind when recommending the best shipping service for your transportation needs. If you need experienced freight experts to work with you every step of the way, you can count on Amplify Logistics. Our team can help ship LTL effectively. One of the main benefits of LTL shipping is that you get to save money by paying only a fraction of the cost of using an entire trailer. If you don’t have huge volumes to ship, this is the best option for you. LTL freight shipping will give you the flexibility to move small quantities and increase the volume as your business grows. You can even adjust the shipments based on the demand and scale of operations. We can also help in the management of your LTL freight

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.

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