Food Transportation Company

Produce Transportation Company

The challenges of shipping produce can only be addressed by having the right temperature-controlled trucks, drivers, and product experts in place. Food production is very important in any country and requires a modern, safe, and reliable shipping system to get it delivered before it goes bad. At Amplify Logistics, our extensive experience in shipping fresh produce makes us the safest and most reliable produce freight transportation company. Our highly-trained team of professionals understand shipping logistics and will leverage economies of scale to ensure you get affordable transportation cost. We know how important it is to deliver products in good time and to the right place. Whether you are producing vegetables, fruits, berries, fish, or meat, the team at Amplify Logistics will provide quality temperature-controlled services and ensure your freight reaches its destination on time. As one of the premier cross-border carriers, we provide reliable produce freight transportation services not only in Canada but also across North America.

Safety & Security

Amplify Logistics provides reliable produce freight transportation services while maintaining the right temperature for your fresh produce throughout the entire process. Our highly-trained drivers will keep an eye on the temperature and ensure all procedures are followed as required. As a produce freight transportation company, we strive to become the go-to company in North America and can fulfill a variety of services, including handling time-sensitive loads of produce. We understand the value of your freight and therefore, our trailers have satellite tracking and geofencing capabilities to ensure your shipments are secure. For safety and security of freight, reach out to us today to take the stress out of your truckload and less-than-load shipments.

Pharmaceutical Shipping

Pharmaceutical products are very delicate and sensitive and must be handled carefully and within the relevant policies and protocols. Proper handling of drugs, medication, chemicals, and other pharmaceutical products will enable them to reach their destination at the desired state so as not to put the lives of consumers at risk. Amplify Logistics knows the right temperature for pharmaceutical products and will maintain it throughout the shipping process within the prescribed range. We value your pharmaceutical freight and understand that deviations in temperature can cause disintegration, sedimentation, and other undesirable effects. When handling your pharmaceutical product shipment, we will make sure that we get the right information from the manufacturer including the acceptable risk level, the margin of error, the acceptable range of temperature and humidity, and actions to avoid that can compromise the purity of the pharmaceutical products.

Dry Goods Freight Transportation

Apart from shipping delicate items like pharmaceutical products, fresh produce, and other delicate items, we also handle dry goods with proper care and attention to detail. Amplify Logistics has a wide-ranging fleet and a team of experienced expert drivers to ensure we deliver your freight safely and in good time. Amplify Logistics has vast experience in storing dry goods and assets and a trusted and extensive partner network to ensure our customers get flexible, efficient, and cost-effective shipping solutions. Our shipping services include truckload (TL) and less-than-load (LTL) to and from all North American destinations (Canada, US, and Mexico). Working with us will eliminate the need for different carriers to transport your dry goods. This will not only be convenient but will also save you time and money.

Greenhouse-Like Environment Transportation

When shipping live plants and saplings, we provide greenhouse-like environment transportation services. Our dedicated team of professionals will maintain a warm temperature for your plants to remain viable. Our adjustable temperature control systems enable our drivers to maintain a consistent temperature and do freeze control – to prevent ice crystals from causing damage. As a leading produce freight transportation company in North America, Amplify Logistics values the health of your plants and will ensure they get specialized packaging and delicate handling. We will adjust the temperature along the way based on the outdoor conditions to ensure your live plants are delivered timely and seamlessly with every leaf, stem, and root intact.

Fresh Produce, Plants & Other Perishables Shipping

Groceries need to maintain a fresh produce supply chain and this can be tricky because different products come from different regions and across borders. Fresh produce is perishable and therefore, farmers, distributors, and retailers need to maintain the right temperature to keep them fresh. At Amplify Logistics, we have a trusted and more secure fresh produce transportation system to deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, fish, meat, and other perishables on time. Our state-of-the-art equipment is well maintained to prevent breakdown. We value your fresh produce and we’ll ensure that it reaches its destination while still fresh and healthy. When transporting the produce, our highly trained staff will set the right temperature in our reefer units to maintain the right temperature throughout the whole process. We will handle your fresh produce with care to ensure that it remains clean, colorful, and crispy as it was when harvested.

Providing first class logistics

At Amplify Logistics, we provide efficient, personalized transportation logistics. We use words like stability, sustainability, commitment and network optimization.

Frozen Freight Transportation

Transporting cold and frozen cargo in North America should be done by a reliable company with improved shipping, handling, and storage methods. At Amplify Logistics, we have refrigerated trucks and vans with very effective and efficient cooling systems. This ensures that the cargo is frozen throughout the journey, whether cross country or across the border. We understand that frozen freight often comes with strict packaging and handling requirements. Amplify Logistics is up to the task and will maintain the required ventilation and cleanliness standards. We want our customers to get value for their money. That’s why we have ultramodern reefers in place across North America – to eliminate the need to hire different carriers.

Refrigerated Cold Transportation

Transporting cold and frozen freight in North America should be done by a company that excels at transporting refrigerated cargo. With the majority of its fleet refrigerated, Amplify Logistics is highly experienced in shipping produce and other cold cargo.  We understand that the temperature has to be optimal for fresh produce to reach its destination intact. Whether they’re vegetables, fruits, dairy, or other foodstuffs, maintaining the right temperature will ensure they remain fresh and crisp. As a Produce Freight Transportation Company, we have many refrigerated vans and trucks doing cross border shipping across North America destinations. Amplify Logistics offers customized solutions to suit each customer’s needs. If you have too much cargo, we will get you a truckload (TL). If it is less, we will allow for less-than-load (LTL). Similarly, if you want to transport 2 different items with varying temperature requirements, we will give you a truck with 2 or 3 distinct storage sections, thereby saving you money.