Recent COVID-19 Updates for Truck Drivers

Recent COVID-19 Updates for Truck Drivers

International, local, and national truck drivers who are registered rotational workers and are residents of Prince Edward Island are not mandated to self-isolate after testing negative for Covid. This only applies if they keep up with the required testing frequency and remain within the region. However, non-residents have to abide by different rules when in PEI.

Resident drivers

To be free from self-isolation regulations:

  • First, the driver must register as a rotation worker and be approved by the Chief Public Health Office, after which they:
    • – Will be required to self-isolate until they get negative Covid-19 results from a first test every time they return from a journey. However, if they return to the province several times a week, ground or air, and have not gone beyond the Atlantic Provinces within two weeks, isolation will not be necessary. The same applies to those who get tested after every 5 days in the district.
  • Must go for testing at specified intervals depending on how long they remain in the area. It can be on the first day, day 4, and the eighth day. Alternatively, those coming back to PEI multiple times per week and have not gone past the Atlantic within 14 days can get tested once every 5 days.
  • You should get tested if leaving the region 48 hours before a scheduled test.
  • Those coming from regions beyond the Atlantic Provinces but have to leave again within 24 hours and, therefore, cannot be tested are free to do so if they do not have symptoms of Covid-19. You can also proceed if you have not received your results, but you are prohibited from interacting with others outdoors or going into workplaces within the region. Going into workstations requires negative test results, but offloading the truck before getting feedback after a test is allowed so long as it is contactless.

All these regulations apply to those who get tests regularly only. If you do not keep up with the recommended frequency, you will have to self-isolate for 14 days or during your entire stay in the province if it will be less than two weeks. You’ll be getting calls during that period.

During your stay in PEI

  • Truck drivers are required to maintain a 2-meter distance from other people all the time when in public.
  • You must wear a non-medical mask when outdoors.
  • Watch out for Covid-19 symptoms. If you start experiencing the signs, visit a drop-in testing clinic and begin isolation. Do not wait until your next scheduled test.
  • Follow the recommendations by the public health officials, such as reducing contact and practising good etiquette like washing hands frequently.
  • Get tested at the stipulated intervals.
  • Once vaccination is available for truck drivers, the list of registered personnel in PEI will be used to reach out to you. Health PEI will contact those who are registered as commercial truck drivers to book a vaccination appointment.
  • It is advisable that unregistered drivers do so as soon as possible.


  • The updated Covid-19 rules do not require non-residential truck drivers to get tested before departure or upon arrival in the province. However, they must adhere to contactless loading and offloading protocols and maintain all the other regulations.
  • When working, non-resident drivers are supposed to maintain 6 feet or two meters of distance.
  • You must wear a non-medical mask in public.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Pay attention to Covid-19 symptoms such as:
    • – Persistent cough or a new cough that seems to be getting worse
    • – Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
    • – Sore throat
    • – Headaches
    • – Fever or chills
    • – Sneezing, congested or runny nose
    • – Loss of sense of taste or smell
    • – Muscle or joint pain that sometimes presents as general body ache
    • – Fatigue or constant tiredness – can also be described as a general feeling of unwellness

When not working:

  • Visiting public places, including grocery or retail stores, is not allowed. You can refuel your vehicle or take a restroom break, but you must keep the recommended physical distance from others. You must also wear a mask and pay at the pump.
  • Try to have contactless deliveries for all essential products, including medication.
  • Organize for delivery of food. You can also order in a drive-through or any other fast-food restaurant, so long as you have on a mask and keep the distance between you and others. You are not allowed to use eat-in places or dining room.
  • Attendance of public gatherings or services such as gyms, arenas, restaurants, and other public events is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to visit family and friends, just like you are not supposed to host people or allow them to visit your place.
  • Prioritize self-isolation when necessary, such as when you start exhibiting symptoms even if they are mild. Isolation is also required if you have been exposed to the virus, even if you are still going through the incubation period, have not started showing symptoms or been tested and diagnosed with the virus. Any person you have been in contact with must also isolate under these circumstances.
  • If you intend to stay with family or in a different location than your truck and trailer repair will be while in the region, you must organize for a pre-travel approval.


Testing clinics are available in different parts of the region, with some operating 24 hours every day of the week. Find out the clinic time for the facility you intend to visit and remember to carry your health card.