What you need to know when transporting oversize loads

Transporting Oversize Loads

Typically, oversized loads are more challenging to transport than standard dimensions. While we work to transport goods of all kinds all across Canada each day, we try as much as possible to educate our clients on the challenges and prepare them in advance. Oversize loads include things like equipment, which most of the time will require a special truck to transport. The good news is that, when you work with Amplify Logistics, we can help you find an oversize trucking company that provides exceptional services.

What is considered an oversized load?

The simplest definition of an oversize load is large cargo that cannot be divided into smaller loads. This could mean that the load is too tall, wide or long hence it cannot be transported the normal way. Most oversize load freight include trailer homes, industrial equipment, and commercial supplies

State regulations

Before transporting an oversize load, ensure it meets the regulations set by the state and province. For instance, the oversize load trucking company should advise whether the freight is considered oversize. While the cargo may be considered oversize in one jurisdiction, this may not apply if it goes to another state.

Travel escort

Another important requirement when dealing with oversized loads is the provision of a travel escort. Having an escort when carrying oversize load is important as it gives the driver all the help he needs while on the road. The escort can notify the driver whenever there’s traffic construction ahead as well as alerting the nearby drivers of the oversize load ahead. The challenge comes in for trucking companies because a travel escort is an additional price. They need to pay for the car as well as the accommodation of the escort. This increases the shipping cost for over-dimensional loads.

Strict travel timelines

In Canada, oversize loads are only allowed to travel 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. This means that the route has to be well-coordinated since the allowed travel time is shorter. It can get even more complicated in seasons like winter when the days are shorter. Working around these restrictions is sometimes a challenge for trucking companies since they need to coordinate the route extremely well.

Driving speed

Oversize loads must be driven very slowly compared to the standard trucks on the roads. This means that a trip can take longer and drivers end up spending more time on the roads. This can be a challenge, especially during bad weather. Drivers of oversize loads are required to maintain a slow speed because of the special cargo they are carrying.

Work with a reputable trucking company

At Amplify Logistics, we understand all the challenges that come with transporting an over-dimensional load. We take pride in partnering with some of the best oversize load trucking companies in the region. Our carriers can handle your cargo exceptionally well and give you peace of mind that your items will be delivered in pristine condition. Get in touch with us today to find out more