How Trucking Companies Use Automation to Enhance Service Delivery

Use of Automation to Enhance Service Delivery

Technological advancements have paved the way for enormous capabilities in the trucking industry. It won’t be too long before we start seeing self-driving cars in our streets. But before this happens, we can discuss the different forms of automation that can be embraced by trucking companies. As more and more freight companies are using cutting-edge technologies to automate certain tasks, we need to remain up to date in order to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

Introducing autonomous vehicle technology (AVT)

Ever heard of autonomous vehicle technology, or what is commonly referred to as AVT? This is the same technology that is used in self-driving cars. AVT technology can be broken down into 5 main levels:

• Driver assist: This simply means that the car can assist in certain aspects such as lane guidance and cruise control but there’s still a driver who has all the control.

• Partial automation: The car is able to handle some automated tasks such as braking in emergencies and detecting parking spots.

• Conditional automation: The car control itself apart from instances when there’s poor weather or too much traffic.

• High automation: The driver may occasionally take control of the car but it’s still able to operate on its own in certain geographical areas.

• Fuel automation: At this stage, the entire vehicle is completely automatic. It doesn’t require any human intervention and can be operated without a driver. Currently, there are only prototypes available offering this level of control.

How does AV technology affect the trucking industry?

Research is still ongoing on how trucking vehicles can incorporate the last two stages of AV technology to make transportation of goods safer and more efficient. It may not mean that the trucking vehicles will operate themselves but soon enough, they should be able to incorporate automation to handle critical tasks like braking in emergency situations.

In fact, at Amplify Logistics, we’ve partnered with trucking companies that are using automated technologies like lane guidance to enhance safety. With this technology, truck drivers can stick to their lanes and only change when it’s safe. This has really helped to reduce the potential of truck accidents and ensure our drivers remain safe on the roads.

By using AV technology, truck drivers have certainly become more efficient. Driving these heavy automobiles can be tiring but automation makes it a lot easier. Automation has enabled truck drivers to drive for a longer amount of time and consequently take fewer breaks which has helped to reduce average travel times. With drivers spending less time on the road, they can have more time to connect with their friends and families. This also opens up a window of opportunity for drivers who would like to train in other departments within the company.

What you get with Amplify Logistics

When you choose Amplify Logistics, you can be assured that our company takes safety and efficiency seriously. We utilize technologies that help us to serve our clients better and ensure everyone is safe on the roads.